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1869/69 1C Repunched Date S-4 MS64RD PCGS CAC

Inventory # 3322001
PCGS # 148718
Cert # 9404834

Offered At: $ 4550.00

Description: Glowing full RED original color on this super scarce RPD-Repunched date 1869/69 Indian Cent PCGS graded MS64RD. This lovely and FULLY struck Snow 4 example has a PCGS pop. of only one with none graded higher. This very highend example has no spots or big cuts and a very Gemmy appearance with four full diamonds clearly visible on the ribbon.

1872 2C DDO FS-101 MS65BN NGC

Inventory # 3339005
PCGS # 3612
Cert # 3642836001

Offered At: $ 7450.00

Description: Virtually pristine and exceptional GEM BU orignal 1872 Two Cent NGC graded MS65BN. The surfaces of this coin ARE immaculate with only one tiny tick visible with a glass! In addition, this is the DDO-Double Die Obverse variety designated as FS-101 in Cherrypicker's. This coin has NO spots or blemishes and fabulous eye appeal. NGC has graded only 3 with none better.


Inventory # 3487001
PCGS # 4529
Cert # 1612958001

Offered At: $ 6950.00

Description: Virtually flawless and fully struck GEM BU original 1837 Capped Bust Dime NGC graded MS65. This super crisp (in both strike and FULL detail) example has lovely old gold and blue toning with light violet undertones. Great luster backlights it all on this VERY appealing JR-4 variety example. Scarce in most mintstate grades, full GEM examples like this are rare with a combined PCGS and NGC pop. of only 13 with just 8 total better.

1911 25C PR68CA NGC

Inventory # 3415020
PCGS # 85697
Cert # 2018858001

Offered At: $ 9550.00

Description: Near perfection GEM Proof SUPERB 1911 Barber Quarter NGC graded PR68CAM with lustrous and very nicely CAMEOED surfaces. This coin has frosty white devices and super crisp and highly reflective mirrored fields. There are no spots or hairlines. This is as close to perfection as you can get for under five figures and this coin is one of only ten that NGC has graded with only two better. Original mintage 543.

1808/7 50C MS64 NGC

Inventory # 3430001
PCGS # 6091
Cert # 1874770002

Offered At: $ 14950.00

Description: Incredibly GEMMY 1808/7 Capped Bust Half Dollar NGC graded MS64. This coin has stunning ORIGINAL surfaces with great luster and very pretty light toning. The strike is very sharp for the date and the overdate is clear and easily read. There are no spots, cuts, or blemishes and the overall eye appeal is as nice as you will get for the date. NGC has graded 6 with just four better for the date. O-101.

1879-S S$1 REVERSE OF 1878 MS65 PCGS

Inventory # 3473003
PCGS # 7094
Cert # 25314770

Offered At: $ 5450.00

Description: Frosty white FULL GEM BU 1879-S Reverse of 78 Morgan Dollar PCGS graded MS65 with a full strike, great luster, and fabulous eye appeal. This lovely coin is quite scarce in full GEM. This date is available in lower grades, but MS65 examples, especially frosty white and problem free examples, are NOT! PCGS has graded only 49 with just one total better.

1891-CC S$1 GSA VAM-3 MS62 NGC

Inventory # 3635011
PCGS # 7206
Cert # 2280081003

Offered At: $ 3175.00

Description: Brilliant and very clean of marks 1891-CC GSA VAM 3 Spitting Eagle Morgan Dollar NGC graded MS62. This Choice BU quality example (one of the nicest I have handled for a MS62) includes the original box and card of issue. The surfaces have booming luster and there are no spots, big cuts, or issues.

1923-S S$1 MS65 PCGS

Inventory # 3415027
PCGS # 7362
Cert # 28814953

Offered At: $ 5750.00

Description: Scarce in FULL GEM BU, this 1923-S Peace Dollar PCGS graded MS65 is quite elusive. Nice original examples aren't always available and this coin was preserved very nicely in an old coin album with lighter toning on the obverse and deeped medium original toning on the reverse. The strike is strong and the surfaces are SUPER clean of marks and fully GEM BU quality. PCGS has graded 124 in MS65 with just 3 total better.

1889 G$1 MS67 PCGS

Inventory # 3594003
PCGS # 7590
Cert # 25305221

Offered At: $ 3875.00

Description: Gorgeous FULL luster GEM Superb BU 1889 Gold Dollar PCGS graded MS67. This completely original and mark free example has GREAT eye appeal and no distractions. Currently TYPE gold is 'soft' price wise, but high quality examples like this coin are still NOT available in any quantity. They will not remain at reasonable price levels forever.

1909 G$2.5 MS65 PCGS

Inventory # 3238016
PCGS # 7940
Cert # 24154135

Offered At: $ 5350.00

Description: Wow! Full GEM BU 1909 $2.5 Indian Quarter Eagle Gold PCGS graded MS65 with ALL the detail including the 'cheek', the headdress, and the eagle's wing. Great example with fabulous and super clean mark free surfaces. Full GEM BU $2.5 Indians are all scarce, but dates, like this 1909 represent great value when compared 'price wise' with their more common date cousins.