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1795 H10C F15 PCGS CAC

Inventory # 4440001
PCGS # 4251
Cert # 25231826

Offered At: $ 3175.00

Description: This rare date 1795 Half Dime has a nice original look with lots of detail remaining. The reverse has some nice light blue and gold toning and the coin overall is very nice for the grade. CAC has only approved 2 in this grade and none in higher grades.


Inventory # 3756021
PCGS # 5348
Cert # 1747831003

Offered At: $ 8750.00
$ 8625.00
(1.43% Savings)

Description: Exceptionally nice GEM BU original quality 1831 Small Letters Capped Bust Quarter NGC graded MS64. This highly lustrous and FULLY struck example has a light crescent of fiery orange and violet/blue toning on the obverse with the balance of the obverse and entire reverse mostly brilliant. This is the B-2 variety in an earlier die state. R2.


Inventory # 3877001
PCGS # 5484
Cert # 25283267

Offered At: $ 9450.00
$ 9300.00
(1.59% Savings)

Description: Lustrous mostly brilliant Choice AU/Slider BU quality example 1873 Closed 3 Seated Liberty Quarter PCGS graded AU55. This lovely coin has super sharp, nearly full detail, with great eye appeal and no big cuts, blemishes, or spots. PCGS has graded only four in AU55 with just one in AU58.

1865 50C MS64 PCGS

Inventory # 2600001
PCGS # 6313
Cert # 25360011

Offered At: $ 4950.00
$ 4750.00
(4.04% Savings)

Description: Exceptionally sharp and very Gemmy 1865 Seated Half Dollar PCGS graded MS64 with great luster and no big cuts or spots. This very pleasing Civil War date has great luster and super eye appeal. PCGS has graded only ten with twelve better.

1900 50C MS65 PCGS

Inventory # 4225001
PCGS # 6486
Cert # 25285010

Offered At: $ 3350.00
$ 3250.00
(2.99% Savings)

Description: Mostly brilliant original FULL GEM 1900 Barber Half Dollar PCGS graded MS65. This highly lustrous and super clean of marks example has a FULL strike and great no problem eye appeal.

1875-S T$1 MS64 PCGS

Inventory # 4265001
PCGS # 7039
Cert # 5710938

Offered At: $ 3475.00
$ 3375.00
(2.88% Savings)

Description: Highly lustrous mostly brilliant GEM BU quality 1875-S Trade Dollar PCGS graded MS64 with a great-nearly full-strike and very pleasing clean of marks surfaces. Great example for the grade that would be perfect for a nice Type Set.

1891 S$1 MS65 PCGS

Inventory # 1585003
PCGS # 7204
Cert # 25399542

Offered At: $ 4750.00
$ 4650.00
(2.11% Savings)

Description: Exceptional GEM BU original 1891 Morgan Dollar PCGS graded MS65 with vibrant orange, blue/green, violet and old gold toning. The great luster on this coin lights up the color and the strike is very nice for the date also.

1894 S$1 MS62 PCGS

Inventory # 4634040
PCGS # 7228
Cert # 5656163

Offered At: $ 4450.00
$ 4350.00
(2.25% Savings)


1896-S S$1 MS63 PCGS

Inventory # 4698016
PCGS # 7244
Cert # 11143368

Offered At: $ 4250.00

Description: Brilliant original with gold rim toning and very strongly struck 1896-S Morgan Dollar PCGS graded MS63. This date is not often available and nice examples are in high demand. Pleasing coin for the grade with nice eye appeal. Also, a small area of turquoise on obverse and reverse and gold toning in the crown and on the bun.

1901 S$1 MS62 PCGS

Inventory # 4698029
PCGS # 7272
Cert # 21701232

Offered At: $ 6375.00

Description: This highly lustrous and nearly fully struck 1901 Morgan Dollar PCGS graded MS62 is super Choice in both condition and eye appeal. The luster is glowing and enhances the mostly brilliant original surfaces. The strike is super sharp-arguably full-and the detail on in the hair and eagle's breast feathers is very sharply defined. Great example of a truly scarce date.