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1802/0 1/2C REVERSE OF 1802 F15BN PCGS

Inventory # 3932001
PCGS # 1057
Cert # 25283709

Offered At: $ 6350.00

Description: Exceptionally nice PLANCHET and color on this super scarce 1802/0 Reverse of 1802 Draped Bust Half Cent PCGS graded Fine 15. This coin has lovely surfaces with sharp detail and no big cuts, spots, or distractions. The overdate itself is CLEAR and the strike through on the reverse is clean and readily identifiable. PCGS pop. is 15.


Inventory # 3933009
PCGS # 2728
Cert # 25279779

Offered At: $ 4875.00

Description: Glowing FULL RED GEM with a razor sharp strike on this LOVELY 1944-D/S Lincoln Cent PCGS graded MS65RD and CAC approved. This spot and virtually mark free coin has exceptional eye appeal with GREAT luster. This is the more desirable TYPE ONE D/S listed in Cherrypicker's as FS-511. Not often available PCGS has graded only 28 with just eight total better. CAC has approved only 3 with just 3 better!

1872 2C DDO FS101 MS65BN NGC

Inventory # 3339005
PCGS # 3612
Cert # 3642836001

Offered At: $ 7450.00

Description: Virtually pristine and exceptional GEM BU orignal 1872 Two Cent NGC graded MS65BN. The surfaces of this coin ARE immaculate with only one tiny tick visible with a glass! In addition, this is the DDO-Double Die Obverse variety designated as FS-101 in Cherrypicker's. This coin has NO spots or blemishes and fabulous eye appeal. NGC has graded only 3 with none better.


Inventory # 4193001
PCGS # 3654
Cert # 25240489

Offered At: $ 7950.00

Description: Fabulous coin for the GRADE! Super GEM Superb Proof 1873 Open 3 Two Cent PCGS graded PR66BN and CAC approved with glossy and exceptionally nice and completely blemish free surfaces. The EYE APPEAL on this coin is SUPER nice too with no problems or distractions. The OPEN 3 variety is super scarce-even more so than it's brother the 'closed 3' variety and PCGS has graded only 3 with none better. CAC has approved six with none better. Tied for finest known.

1925-D 5C MS66 NGC

Inventory # 4224006
PCGS # 3955
Cert # 3609795002

Offered At: $ 10750.00

Description: Brilliant and FULLY Struck GEM Superb 1925-D Buffalo Nickel NGC graded MS66. This is one of the SHARPEST examples for the date-in both strike and detail that I have EVER handled for the DATE in any grade. The date, mintmark, and ALL lettering is FULL! Brilliant highly lustrous surfaces are blemish and spot free too and the overall eye appeal is fabulous! This coin has the look of the most common 1938-D that almost always comes nice. This date does not and this coin is EXCEPTIONAL for the grade. NGC has graded only 12 with NONE better.

1806 25C MS62 PCGS CAC

Inventory # 4110001
PCGS # 5314
Cert # 30739082

Offered At: $ 19750.00

Description: Wow! Choice BU original quality 1806 Draped Bust Quarter PCGS graded MS62 and CAC approved example! Draped Bust material in full uncirculated grade is scarce, but FULL Choice BU quality examples (that are REALLY BU) are not often available. This sharply struck and VERY pleasing example is the exception to the rule and PCGS has graded only 14 with just 21 total better. Original examples are especially tough with CAC approving ONLY two with just five total better.


Inventory # 3756021
PCGS # 5348
Cert # 1747831003

Offered At: $ 8750.00

Description: Exceptionally nice GEM BU original quality 1831 Small Letters Capped Bust Quarter NGC graded MS64. This highly lustrous and FULLY struck example has a light crescent of fiery orange and violet/blue toning on the obverse with the balance of the obverse and entire reverse mostly brilliant. This is the B-2 variety in an earlier die state. R2.


Inventory # 3877001
PCGS # 5484
Cert # 25283267

Offered At: $ 9450.00

Description: Lustrous mostly brilliant Choice AU/Slider BU quality example 1873 Closed 3 Seated Liberty Quarter PCGS graded AU55. This lovely coin has super sharp, nearly full detail, with great eye appeal and no big cuts, blemishes, or spots. PCGS has graded only four in AU55 with just one in AU58.


Inventory # 3954001
PCGS # 6144
Cert # 50216770

Offered At: $ 3775.00

Description: Scarce near GEM BU original 1827 Square Base 2 Capped Bust Half Dollar PCGS graded MS64 with very nice luster backlighting LIGHT and creamy old gold and russet toning with pretty pink and blue at the rims. Great example of this scarce O-142 variety in a high grade with super eye appeal. R3.

1892-S S$1 AU55 NGC

Inventory # 4064007
PCGS # 7218
Cert # 3609784005

Offered At: $ 4950.00

Description: Arguably SLIDERISH in detail and eye appeal this 1892-S Morgan Dollar NGC graded AU55 is lustrous, sharply struck, and very nice for the grade. This RARE date doesn't come nice in any quantity and an AU58 coin will cost you 2 to 4 times as much. Great coin for the date and grade.