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1868 1C DDO FS-103 S-5 MS63BN PCGS

Inventory # 4061002
PCGS # 37468
Cert # 28827624

Offered At: $ 575.00


1869 1C MS63BN PCGS

Inventory # 4229002
PCGS # 2094
Cert # 30454773

Offered At: $ 875.00

Description: Very sharply nearly fully struck Choice BU original 1869 Indian Cent PCGS graded MS63BN with very nice luster and quite a bit of original red remaining. This coin is super nice for the grade, but has one small spot and no big cuts or issues.

1870 1C DDO FS-101 AU58BN PCGS CAC

Inventory # 4018001
PCGS # 37480
Cert # 30370840

Offered At: $ 675.00

Description: Scarce DDO-Double Die Obverse 1870 Indian Cent PCGS graded AU58 with Slider BU quality preservation and pleasing medium brown color and surfaces. This FS-101 variety is the only example attributed in AU58 with just three total better.


Inventory # 3293003
PCGS # 37480
Cert # 28692100

Offered At: $ 1150.00

Description: Sharp and very pleasing GEM BU original quality 1870 DDO-Double Die Obverse Indian Cent PCGS graded MS64BN and CAC approved. The strike is strong with 3 1/2 diamonds clearly visible on this FS-101 attributed variety DDO example. The doubling on this coin is pretty clear (with a glass) on 'Liberty' and PCGS has attributed only one with none better in brown. CAC has approved only six for the date in this grade with 2 total better.

1872 1C PR65RB PCGS

Inventory # 4216009
PCGS # 2304
Cert # 1410358

Offered At: $ 1475.00

Description: Lustrous and lightly mirrored GEM Proof original 1872 Indian Cent PCGS graded PR65RB in an older PCGS holder. This coin has great medium original red/brown surfaces with about 70% original red color remaining. This coin is very pretty and completely original. This low mintage, only 950 originally produced has a PCGS pop. of only 73 with just seven total better.


Inventory # 4211009
PCGS # 2110
Cert # 29846866

Offered At: $ 1625.00

Description: Exceptionally clean, MOSTLY Red, and very Gemmy 1873 Closed 3 Indian Cent PCGS graded MS64RB and CAC approved. This lustrous and very pleasing example has GREAT eye appeal. CAC has approved only nine with just six total better.


Inventory # 4251005
PCGS # 2106
Cert # 25240711

Offered At: $ 550.00

Description: Lustrous and quite Gemmy 1873 Open 3 Indian Cent PCGS graded MS64BN and CAC approved with super clean and nearly fully struck (3 1/2 diamonds clearly visible) surfaces. This is also the Snow 8 * RPD-Repunched Date variety. PCGS has graded only 31 with just eight better, while CAC has approved only 3 with just four better.

1874 1C MS65RB PCGS

Inventory # 4181001
PCGS # 2119
Cert # 30674447

Offered At: $ 775.00

Description: Strongly struck and mostly red full GEM BU 1874 Indian Cent PCGS graded MS65RB. This highly lustrous and very pleasing example has no spots or issues with very nice eye appeal. PCGS pop. 104/3.

1878 1C MPD FS301 S2 MS65RB PCGS

Inventory # 3929009
PCGS # 37511
Cert # 25279937

Offered At: $ 1875.00

Description: Fabulous FULLY struck and mostly red full GEM BU 1878 Indian Cent MPD-Misplaced Date FS-301/S-2 PCGS graded MS65RB. This is the only GEM example of this variety PCGS has attributed and the quite visible Misplaced date in the denticles below the date are easily identifiable. Great SUPER scarce coin.

1908 1C PR66RB NGC CAC

Inventory # 4246001
PCGS # 2412
Cert # 3609805002

Offered At: $ 1275.00