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1925-D 1C MS65BN PCGS

Inventory # 4032105
PCGS # 2561
Cert # 30588212

Offered At: $ 675.00

Description: Scarce and underrated GEM BU Brown 1925-D Lincoln Cent PCGS graded MS65BN. This highly lustrous brown original example has some violet and gold highlights with a touch of original red at the device and lettering edges. PCGS has graded only 4 with just one better.


Inventory # 3249004
PCGS # 2581
Cert # 29993781

Offered At: $ 725.00

Description: Blazing RED and nearly fully struck GEM BU quality 1927-D Lincoln Cent PCGS graded MS64RD and CAC approved. This super lustrous and fabulous eye appeal coin is all there with no spots. I liked this coin so much I tried it several times for a higher grade too! CAC has approved 7 with just one better.

1936 1C DDO-Type 3 MS66RD PCGS

Inventory # 2778002
PCGS # 72650
Cert # 90102795

Offered At: $ 1925.00
$ 1750.00
(9.09% Savings)

Description: Blazing RED GEM BU Superb example 1936 DDO-Double Die Obverse Lincoln Cent PCGS graded MS66RD. This is the Type 3 example with a PCGS pop. of only 9 with none better. There are no spots, blemishes, or big marks on this super scarce variety. The doubling is clearly evident on the motto and 'Liberty' with light doubling on the date.


Inventory # 3933009
PCGS # 2728
Cert # 25279779

Offered At: $ 4875.00

Description: Glowing FULL RED GEM with a razor sharp strike on this LOVELY 1944-D/S Lincoln Cent PCGS graded MS65RD and CAC approved. This spot and virtually mark free coin has exceptional eye appeal with GREAT luster. This is the more desirable TYPE ONE D/S listed in Cherrypicker's as FS-511. Not often available PCGS has graded only 28 with just eight total better. CAC has approved only 3 with just 3 better!


Inventory # 3805001
PCGS # 3577
Cert # 3726135002

Offered At: $ 825.00

Description: "Lustrous, FULLY struck, and quite attractive FULL GEM 1864 Large Motto Two Cent NGC graded MS65RB and CAC approved. This lovely GEM original example has lovely problem free surfaces, but in addition this is a scarce RPD-Repunched Date RPD-004 with the light, but discernable remnants of a ""1"" in the date significantly North of the correctly placed date. CAC approved too!"


Inventory # 3271001
PCGS # 3608
Cert # 25348324

Offered At: $ 4950.00

Description: RED original GEM BU quality 1870 Two Cent PCGS graded MS64RD and CAC approved. This lovely and spot free coin is scarce in higher grade and NICE original GEM RED quality examples are rare. PCGS has graded only 19 with just 14 total better while CAC has approved only two in MS64RD with just ONE better. This lovely, highly lustrous, and exceptionally appealing example has no dark spots or big cuts with GREAT eye appeal.

1871 2C PR65RB NGC

Inventory # 4011007
PCGS # 3646
Cert # 3608903002

Offered At: $ 1225.00

Description: Cool example of this scarce date 1871 Two Cent NGC graded PR65RB. This coin has nice light mirrors and a pleasing amount of original red color. This pleasing 'hard to locate' date also has a clear DDO-Double Die Obverse which is strongest at the Motto.

1872 2C DDO FS-101 MS65BN NGC

Inventory # 3339005
PCGS # 3612
Cert # 3642836001

Offered At: $ 7450.00

Description: Virtually pristine and exceptional GEM BU orignal 1872 Two Cent NGC graded MS65BN. The surfaces of this coin ARE immaculate with only one tiny tick visible with a glass! In addition, this is the DDO-Double Die Obverse variety designated as FS-101 in Cherrypicker's. This coin has NO spots or blemishes and fabulous eye appeal. NGC has graded only 3 with none better.

1867 3CN PR65 PCGS CAC

Inventory # 3926003
PCGS # 3763
Cert # 7515742

Offered At: $ 1150.00


1882 3CN PR66CA PCGS

Inventory # 3990012
PCGS # 83778
Cert # 25272490

Offered At: $ 875.00

Description: Super flashy and very appealing GEM Superb 1882 Three Cent Nickel PCGS graded PR66CAM. This lovely and nicely mirrored example has fabulous eye appeal and no spots or issues.