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1866 5C J-489 PR64 NGC

Inventory # 4005002
PCGS # 60685
Cert # 3609820002

Offered At: $ 2450.00
$ 2375.00
(3.06% Savings)

Description: Brilliant original GEM Proof quality 1866 Shield Nickel Obverse Pattern Judd 489 NGC graded PR64. This coin has lightly cameoed and highly mirrored surfaces with nice eye appeal.

1879 5C XF45 PCGS CAC

Inventory # 4429001
PCGS # 3808
Cert # 30193879

Offered At: $ 1175.00
$ 1125.00
(4.26% Savings)

Description: Choice XF original 1879 Shield Nickel PCGS graded XF45 and CAC approved example of this VERY low mintage date-only 25,900 originally minted. This date WAS used and most specimens have some damage or cleaning. This completely original example is the only XF45 CAC has approved for the date.

1882 5C PR66 PCGS

Inventory # 4266001
PCGS # 3837
Cert # 30939596

Offered At: $ 825.00
$ 800.00
(3.03% Savings)

Description: Brilliant original GEM Proof Superb 1882 Shield Nickel PCGS graded PR66. Super flashy and problem free with pleasing eye appeal.

1891 5C MS65 NGC

Inventory # 4014003
PCGS # 3852
Cert # 3612517003

Offered At: $ 775.00

Description: Pretty gold toned full GEM BU 1891 Liberty Nickel NGC graded MS65. Fully struck and exceptionally pristine in terms of marks, this coin is super nice and quite appealing.

1905 5C MS66 PCGS

Inventory # 4596032
PCGS # 3866
Cert # 31621020

Offered At: $ 1075.00

Description: Brilliant and fully struck GEM Superb 1905 Liberty Nickel PCGS graded MS66. Cool coin with no problems or issues and great eye appeal. The strike is super sharp and arguably full for the date. PQ!

1906 5C PR66 PCGS

Inventory # 4597002
PCGS # 3904
Cert # 31721779

Offered At: $ 725.00

Description: Very pretty GEM Superb Proof 1906 Liberty Nickel PCGS graded PR66. Cool coin with very light gold highlights and nicely mirrored surfaces.

1918-D 5C MS62 PCGS

Inventory # 3918009
PCGS # 3938
Cert # 29733583

Offered At: $ 660.00
$ 630.00
(4.55% Savings)

Description: Light pinkish gold toning on this Choice BU original quality 1918-D Buffalo Nickel PCGS graded MS62. Like most of this date, the strike is somewhat soft, but the date and mintmark are sharp and clear. Overall the eye appeal is very nice for the grade and there is an interesting and quite distinctive die break across the face. Cool coin.

1930 5C MS66 PCGS CAC

Inventory # 4201028
PCGS # 3969
Cert # 28151747

Offered At: $ 550.00
$ 520.00
(5.45% Savings)

Description: LOVELY brilliant original GEM Superb quality 1930 Buffalo Nickel PCGS graded MS66 and CAC approved with an exceptionally sharp strike for this date, full luster with brilliant original surfaces with just a wisp of light gold toning overall. This completely original example is VERY nice for the grade. CAC approved.

1831 H10C MS61 NGC CAC

Inventory # 4105001
PCGS # 4278
Cert # 3609815003

Offered At: $ 635.00
$ 600.00
(5.51% Savings)

Description: Much nicer than just MS61 in both technical grade and eye appeal on this lovely Choice BU quality 1831 Capped Bust Half Dime NGC graded MS61 and CAC approved. This coin has medium original toning with great luster still remaining and the strike and surfaces are VERY nice for the grade. CAC has approved only 3 for the date in this grade. LM-5.

1834 H10C MS63 NGC

Inventory # 4596050
PCGS # 4281
Cert # 3812014002

Offered At: $ 895.00

Description: Cool color on this Choice BU original 1834 Capped Bust Half Dime NGC graded MS63. The surfaces of this coin have super flashy luster with deep cobalt blue, purple, and pale green gold highlights. This coin is much nicer 'in hand' than our imaging can display.